Sunday, May 1, 2016

A Little Tart

We have a mini orchard containing a couple of dozen fruit trees at our house. We have citrus, stone fruit, apples and pears. It's always a battle to get to the fruit before the bats, birds and possums rip them off the trees.
Orchard at Welwel
Mr GeniAus is getting smart in his old age so he now nets a few of the trees before the fruit ripens up. This week he netted a mandarin tree that is an early ripener. He just delivered one of the mandos to my desk, it was juicy with a bright orange skin but it was still a bit tart. It will benefit from more time on the tree.
Not quite sweet yet
I just wandered down to the orchard with my phone and took some snaps of what's in store for us in the next couple of months. Hopefully the local wildlife will leave some for us.

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Trove Tuesday - Iceland

As I am researching for a forthcoming trip to Iceland I visited Trove to get some travel tips. The first description I found was from 1893.

1893 'ICELAND.', Launceston Examiner (Tas. : 1842 - 1899), 29 July, p. 10. , viewed 19 Apr 2016,
I'll look out for that building, I wonder if it is still there. The remainder of that long article can be read here :

We'll be doing a self-drive tour around Iceland. Hope conditions are different from 1928.
1928 'MOTORING IN ICELAND', Evening News (Sydney, NSW : 1869 - 1931), 14 December, p. 7. , viewed 19 Apr 2016,
Pleased we'll be approaching Reyjkavik by ship in the middle of the day. I'll be out on deck with the camera.

1937 'Points About Iceland', Shepparton Advertiser (Vic. : 1914 - 1953), 31 March, p. 3. , viewed 19 Apr 2016,
In 1992 a South Australian exchange student recalled her time in Iceland.I may pass on the testicles. The article can be read here:

1992 'Exchangee tells of life in Iceland',Times (Victor Harbor, SA : 1987 - 1999), 8 September, p. 3. , viewed 19 Apr 2016,

Although these articles were written quite a while ago they still contain valuable information for the prospective tourist.

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Paddy the Pooch is Pooped

A visit from my two energetic young grandchildren has exhausted my pup.
Paddy had taken to his bed for some respite.

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Widdle Warning

Going through some old holiday snaps I found this warning notice from 1994.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Well I never...

When I watch the Australian Open Tennis on TV I don't take much notice of the subtle advertising on the players' clothing but one little badge (that is a bit hard for old eyes to read) has always intrigued me.

I wondered how the University of Queensland was able to get several highly ranked players to promote them via these simple red and white badges.

Wandering down Powell Street in San Francisco yesterday I got my answer. The badges aren't advertising the University of Queensland . They are advertising a clothing retailer, UNIQLO.

UNI QLO Store in SFO
Silly me!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Airport Facilities

I am often surprised by the facilities found in airports. I have been tempted by the massages, pedicures and manicures at Salt Lake City International but not at all by the Pokies (Slot machines) I saw today at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.

McCarran International Airport

Thursday, December 17, 2015

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